Company Policy

1.The Buyer must take into consideration that all lead times are based on the date that their hard copy Purchase Order is received by Novelty Gift Co. and does not apply to email confirmation or any other method.
2. All quote sheets are quoted with the best possible pricing up front and does not include additional co-op or advertising.
Additional co-op requested by retailer will be reviewed upon request and original quote sheets may be updated with new pricing at that time.
3. All requested co-op, advertising, markdowns, new store allowance, defectives and any other form of additional payment requested by the retailer must not be taken until approved by Novelty Gift Co. and given the appropriate Authorization #.
4. Contact information: Novelty Poster Inc. 81 North Forest Ave. Rockville Centre NY 11570 or
(800) 648-4818 or
(516) 561-1378 OR
5. Photos in Quote sheets may vary slightly from items actually shipped. Please communicate with your salesperson on changes that may have occurred since your original quote sheet was sent to you and a new one will be sent.